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S&J has specialized in the representation of multi-employer collectively-bargained employee benefit plans for over 45 years. Additionally, since 1990 we have brought our expertise to the representation of public retirement systems and public sector health and welfare trusts.

Our attorneys advise and guide trustees to navigate ERISA as well as a multitude of statues and regulations. We timely counsel on complex and novel legal issues, swiftly handle IRS and DOL inquiries, reach resolutions in arbitrations and mediations, and successfully pursue actions in federal, state and bankruptcy courts.

We collaborate with trustees on prudent measures thereby staying ahead of breach of fiduciary duty claims and prohibited transactions.

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Our Philosophy

The laws are complicated but our advice is straightforward.

Our Principle

Experienced Lawyers…. Tailored Advice.

Key Of Success

Implementing written policies and conducting ongoing evaluation of best practices for our clients is part of our success as it allows for continuity and streamlined procedures.

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