What We Do

Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation has been specializing in the representation of Taft-Hartley trusts since the firm’s inception, over 40 years ago.  We do not represent either labor or management in labor relations or employment law issues and are therefore, able to provide independent legal advice to jointly managed benefit plan trustees.  Our approach is to present our best interpretation of the law as we see it in understandable terms without bias to either labor or management.

Over 90% of our work involves the representation of employee benefit trusts.  We represent over 70 jointly-managed health care, pension or apprenticeship trusts including many in the building and construction trades, and a number of governmental plans. We have extensive experience in all areas of ERISA and Pension Protection Act, as well as the Internal Revenue Code and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (which relate to employee benefit plans). We also have a great deal of litigation experience, particularly in the areas of collection of employer contributions, withdrawal liability, benefit claims, and fiduciary liability issues. We have worked closely with all of the major fiduciary liability insurance carriers and we have represented trusts in matters involving the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service.

We always stay informed as to all upcoming legislative changes and advise all of our clients as to changes that may affect their specific plans. We also assist the boards of trustees in determining what changes, if any, need to be made to ensure that they are in compliance with all of the changing legal, legislative and regulatory requirements. We always keep the trustees, the consultants and the administrative office advised of current legal developments which we believe would be of significance to the Trust Funds.